This category is a repository for various resources that can aid in a vegan lifestyle. This could include book reviews, app recommendations, and lists of vegan-friendly stores or products.

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Announcement! Announcement! (Newsletter name)

In advance of our 100th Vedge Your Best episode we have a new name for the weekly email: V-Mail: The Vedge Your Best Newsletter. Congratulations to the team over at @HowIVeganPodcast for suggesting it. Contest winner Matthew asked us to donate his prize to Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary in Northamptonshire, England. Such a great cause – we rounded up from […]

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Book Giveaway

Peace, Empathy and Plants Polish-Canadian Science Journalist, Marta Zaraska lives in France (3 of my 4 favorite countries in one sentence) and has a new book out this summer which is a Vedge Your Best “must read.” Growing Young: How Friendship, Optimism, and Kindness can Help You Live to 100 YES, a Plant Based diet

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How NOT to Think [about Polar bears] – (Vegans Made Simple Part 7)

Have you ever made a concerted effort to NOT think about a Polar Bear? Like every day?  Multiple times? Sticky note reminder on the bathroom mirror. Do NOT think about Polar Bears. Sign on the Fridge. Do not THINK about Polar Bears. Reminder message on the home screen of your phone. Do not think about

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Good Bye, Cruel Words! (Vegans Made Simple – Part 6)

“Cruelty-Free” on labels and in descriptions typically refers to products and actions which do not kill, harm or test on animals. There are Cruelty-Free cosmetics, cleaning products, additives and medications of all kinds.Cruelty-Free is often used to describe a vegan recipe or one of the thousands of vegan analog food products. It’s hard to argue

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