This category is for posts that aim to inspire and motivate readers to either adopt a vegan lifestyle or continue on their vegan journey. Topics can include success stories, motivational quotes, and tips for staying committed.

Let’s Talk About Michele . . .

Ever heard anyone talk about themselves in the third person…?  Think, Dobby the house elf in Harry Potter or, if you’re old enough to remember, Mr T. It’s called “Illeism.” It may sound oddly childish or pompous, but it can also be an effective coaching tool. Trying to make a difficult decision?  Speaking about ourselves in the […]

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June Greeting

When you have a podcast, you never know who’s listening. Getting periodic messages and emails from people I don’t know has been overwhelmingly positive even on what for many of us was a heavy week in the US. That’s the topic of this week’s short episode, # 91: “They’re Listening.” My first time recording extemporaneously

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Vegan Networking 

Did you know that there is a Vegan Network?   That’s how I learned about brilliant, charismatic Vegan Publisher and Book Consultant Mitali Deypurkaystha. In April I received an email from Vegan Publicist and Business consultant Katrina Fox encouraging me to learn more about Mitali and her bestselling book aimed at Vegan and ethical experts, influencers, and

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