Posts in this section should focus on the mental attitudes or psychological approaches to adopting and maintaining a vegan lifestyle. This could include overcoming challenges, setting goals, and developing a positive outlook.

Excuse Me

That is why I think moving towards a Vegan Practice is the most powerful change any woman can make in her life.
It requires becoming conscious of your choices on a daily basis in a culture that really wants you to give up and forget about it.

Vegan Doubts?

Your brain is NOT designed to go Vegan.It’s designed for SURVIVAL. That’s why it will ALWAYS focus on: Avoiding the unknown is why we have anxiety about changing our diet, purchases, and lifestyle.If you’ve got doubts about going Vegan, you’re normal.  If you’re Vegan and you’ve got doubts about your NEXT big goal, you’re normal. …

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March again?

March again?  On my computer I have saved the Limbourg Brothers’ monthly illustrations for the glorious Très Riches Heures de Duc de Berry. I know.  What a geek. Facebook reminds me now on the first of every month.   And every month I can’t believe it.   March AGAIN? Well just as we were getting a bit …

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