Personal Development

Posts in this category should focus on the personal growth and development aspects of living a vegan lifestyle, including mental, emotional, and even professional growth.

Episode 167: Consciousness and Cluelessness with Podcaster Carly Puch

In this episode of the Vedge Your Best podcast, I’m excited to interview Carly Jean Puch of Consciously Carly. Carly hosts the Consciously Clueless podcast and works as a Conscious Living Coach.     On the podcast and in her coaching she incorporates mindfulness, sustainability, and plants to help people change their personal lives so …

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Excuse Me

That is why I think moving towards a Vegan Practice is the most powerful change any woman can make in her life.
It requires becoming conscious of your choices on a daily basis in a culture that really wants you to give up and forget about it.

June Greeting

When you have a podcast, you never know who’s listening. Getting periodic messages and emails from people I don’t know has been overwhelmingly positive even on what for many of us was a heavy week in the US. That’s the topic of this week’s short episode, # 91: “They’re Listening.” My first time recording extemporaneously …

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Vegan Networking 

Did you know that there is a Vegan Network?   That’s how I learned about brilliant, charismatic Vegan Publisher and Book Consultant Mitali Deypurkaystha. In April I received an email from Vegan Publicist and Business consultant Katrina Fox encouraging me to learn more about Mitali and her bestselling book aimed at Vegan and ethical experts, influencers, and …

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