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Half-Time I make an effort to avoid sports references because my level of ignorance on the subject usually complicates even the most straightforward metaphor. Half Time however seems to belong to the world of pop culture, where I have more secure footing. Half time is in fact the only thing I know about the Super …

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Time Out

Time and lack of time come up ALL the time in virtually every conversation. It’s time.Not the right time.Is it time?Time is money.Time is just dragging.Where do I find the time?He has all the time in the world.It’s about time.I’m just killing time.She wastes so much time.They don’t respect my time.Where did the time go?Why …

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Ugly Babies

So yesterday we discussed “murdering our darlings.”Today? Ugly babies. I am a newly minted grandmother of one exquisitely handsome grandson (his mother may be reading this) but there are occasionally, so one understands, ugly babies. In his 1994 book on creativity* Ed Catmull (coFounder of Pixar and later president of Disney animation) writes about the …

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