3 Steps to Overcome Overwhelm

There is a LOT going on in the world – international, financial, political, judicial.., and that’s just the Johnny Depp trial.   When life comes

Vegan Coaching Pays Off

It’s Graduation Season here in New England. I can’t even guess how many colleges are within 30 minutes of our house.  Of course my alma

I’m Ba-aack! 

I’m back from a week in England and next week I will be back on Vedge Your Best Podcast in another solo episode, but this

Vegan Doubts?

Your brain is NOT designed to go Vegan.It’s designed for SURVIVAL. That’s why it will ALWAYS focus on: What can go wrong? What might be

Vegan & Plant Based Travel

Wanderlust much?  At Vedge Your Best we have tickets for an “educational” trip to Northern England and London at the end of April.   Plant

March again?

March again?  On my computer I have saved the Limbourg Brothers’ monthly illustrations for the glorious Très Riches Heures de Duc de Berry. I know.  What

Hope is Not a Strategy

Hope is a beautiful thing. I’m all for it. As a long time Pollyanna, I am not going to hurl any shade at Hope or Hopefulness.  But

Quitting IS an Option

I have been tempted to quit most everything I have ever started, but the sore subject recently has been writing my book.   The process