Brains Can be Nutty

We tend to think of the brain as a single entity, but there are a number of structures and one of the more mischievous of

Time Out

Time and lack of time come up ALL the time in virtually every conversation. It’s time.Not the right time.Is it time?Time is money.Time is just

Discomfort Zone

Want more success?You probably need to double or triple your rate of failure. Failure is one of those emotions most of us have learned to

Won’t Hurt A Bit…

This won’t hurt a bit. We’ve heard it said and we’ve probably said it too – “This won’t hurt a bit.” And the voice in

So, it’s like this

This blog post has taken me 3 days – roughly 7 hours all told. Pages and pages of going nowhere. Some days the best I

Ugly Babies

So yesterday we discussed “murdering our darlings.”Today? Ugly babies. I am a newly minted grandmother of one exquisitely handsome grandson (his mother may be reading

Murder Your Darlings

Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch, writer and lecturer at Cambridge University on the subject of language and literature appears to have been the source of the aphorism,

Chaos: like it’s a bad thing…

Monday morning I settled in to do some (overdue) focused work at our weekend house. Within minutes, the painters showed up to to repair the


Somewhere in the intersectional world of Ren & Stimpy* and computer coding a term emerged in the 1990’s called Yak Shaving. Coined by an MIT