Story Time (Vegans Made Simple – Part 3)

Once upon a time… I told myself that I was Too old,Too busy,Too polite,Too family-oriented,Too traditional,Too “foodie,”Too introverted,Too interested in travel and culture To commit

Nudge Nudge (Vegans Made Simple Part 1)

If you are comedy fan, you may remember the Nudge-Nudge, Wink-Wink sketch made famous in the 1970’s by Monty Python. More recently “Nudge Theory” has

Watch This Space

Here at Michele Olender Coaching, we are getting ready to launch Vedge Your Best! Individual and Group Coaching  to support anyone interested in reducing or eliminating animal


In psychology there is a phenomenon referred to as “splitting.”It is characterised by all-or-nothing thinking:black or white,good or bad,yes or noidealized or demonized. Not to


Half-Time I make an effort to avoid sports references because my level of ignorance on the subject usually complicates even the most straightforward metaphor. Half