Weodmonath was the medieval Anglo Saxon name for August – and it means “weed month.”  Which may explain your lawn or garden if you’re anything

It’s Half Time 2021!

What do you think?  Is the year Half Over?Or is it Half Started? From my point of view, 2021 is just getting going. I feel

90 Day Goal?

Hello Vedge Heads and Vedge Your Besties, Did you hear?I went public this week on Vedge Your Best Podcast #42 with a 90 day goal.

April Newsletter

We haven’t had a newsletter lately becauseMarch. Was. Madness. I was under the weather a bit with the Pfizer vaccine in March and then flew

Are you a Maverick Matriarch?

Is it hard for you to imagine being a Plant Based or Vegan mother? Do you worry that going Plant Based or Vegan disconnects you

Resolutions in a busy News Cycle?

January 7 – Having a tough time keeping on track with your goals, resolutions and and Plant based eating in this busy news cycle? Yes

Vedge Your Best Through the Holidays

2020 – What a long strange trip it’s been. Did you Vedge Your Best for the Holidays? It is never too late. You’re never behind.

Vedge Your Best Through the Holidays

December 31 – Happy New Year Vedge Heads ! Download the 2020 Year End Review: https://micheleolendercoaching.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/2020-Year-End-Review.pdf

Vedge Your Best Through the Holidays

December 30 – Download the 2020 Year End Review to decide what you want to bring with you into 2021 and what you’d like respectfully