It’s Half Time 2021!

What do you think?  
Is the year Half Over?
Or is it Half Started?

From my point of view, 2021 is just getting going.

I feel SO energized because a few projects that were in the planning stages during the last couple of months including our youngest daughter’s wedding are in the rear view mirror. 

Three weddings in three years – we are now out of unmarried children and replete with in-laws!

Our daughter’s wedding was not really that much work for me, but it was taking up a lot of my inner bandwidth.  I was walking around with all sorts of thoughts about how to be helpful and available and responsive to the bride and groom as well as to the in-laws, guests and friends.  I wanted to make sure that I was hitting my marks, showing up on time, wearing the right clothes and with my frizzy hair in check.

Our thoughts can be an energy drain.  

I spoke to Miles Rote this morning from Scribe is where I downloaded their free non-fiction book template that I have been using to organize the book I am writing for my 90 day goal (listen to Vedge Your Best Podcast 43 for more on that).

Miles shared a great expression, “Stewing is harder than Doing.” I love that.

“Stewing” – deliberating/ruminating/wondering – can seem to be thoughtful, careful, and responsible.   But most of the time, it’s just very draining.  For my daughter’s wedding in June, I had not decided on what I was going to wear either to the rehearsal dinner OR the wedding.  Until the very day.  In a way, I was thinking that I was going to be loose and chill and “in the moment.”  But it really was much more tiring than having made a clear decision.  So I was “stewing” for quite a while rather than “doing” the work of deciding and making sure the dresses were all set to go.

it’s Half Time 2021 and I am feeling like July is a bit of a fresh start.  
Would you like to join me in making some decisions?  

For example I decided to keep my Minimum Baselines the same for a couple more weeks:

1. Lift my 35 pound kettle bell one time every day
2. Open my Google document and write one sentence every day.

Most days I do more.  Much more. 
But on those days when it feels like a hassle or I don’t have time or I’m distracted or I’m already dressed to leave the house and don’t want to sweat…. I can just walk over to that 35 pound kettle bell and… pick it up.  
Done.  (OK I can do a couple of squats with it. If I want)

So that’s what’s up with me… keeping the Minimum Baselines and noticing the urge to complicate the protocol.

The urge to make my daily task bigger or more aggressive in an attempt to be more “productive.”  

And if you’re thinking a Minimum Baseline isn’t enough to change your trajectory and get you the results you want…

I am already noticeably stronger from the kettlebell.
I have written over 12,000 words towards my 90 day book goal.
I am showing up every day for my goals and so energized for the second half of 2021.

So, Vedge Heads and Vedge Your Besties, it’s Half Time 2021.
Get out there and enjoy.  Anything, I mean ANYTHING can still happen.

90 Day Goal?

Hello Vedge Heads and Vedge Your Besties,

Did you hear?
I went public this week on Vedge Your Best Podcast #42 with a 90 day goal.

Yes, I regretted saying it out loud almost instantly.

But so far so good.

In honor of my birthday, June 16, I set a Minimum Baseline to accomplish my goal.

You can learn all about Minimum Baselines on Vedge Your Best #41.

90 days will take me, more or less, to the one year anniversary of the Podcast and it is in line with my mission here:

To help people move toward a Vegan lifestyle
and help Vegans take on their next impossible goal.

You can get all the deets, including how you can follow along right with me.

Now YOU!

What goal have YOU been kicking around for months or years that you can barely even say out loud? I get it. If you’re like me, you thought you would have accomplished it by now.

Listen to this week’s episode and then let me know whether you want to go public with me on the podcast or whether you want to tell me privately – just between you and me.

Either way, I will arrange to offer you some regular coaching, absolutely free, to help you with your goal. Are you or someone you know ready for a Free Coaching Session?  It is so easy to just book yourself directly into my calendar. If none of the times work for you, just email me at and we will work out a time.

April Newsletter

We haven’t had a newsletter lately because
March. Was. Madness.

I was under the weather a bit with the Pfizer vaccine in March and then flew to Florida to completely clean the condo we haven’t been in all winter for a new tenant. While there, I managed to get something in my thumb which then turned into a full fledged infection requiring a hospital stay and IV antibiotics over Easter weekend.

But I did get a couple of Vegan meals out of South County Hospital in Wakefield RI! It took some patient (get it?) insistence – but well done Team South County!

My amazing Virtual Assistant, Nancy, who runs herself suffered a March skiing accident, so I muddled on without her by making a few videos here and there while she healed.

But April is off to the races with our very first Vedge Your Best interview and what an interview! Sid Garza Hillman was my guest this week and we are doing a giveaway of his brand new third book SixTruths: Live By These Truths and Be Happy, Don’t and You Won’t.

Next week’s podcast will be another interview with the delightful Stephanie Dreyer from If you ever think that learning to cook Plant Based/ Vegan for a mixed family is too taxing, Stephanie has got you covered. You will hear lots more about that next week.

Right now I am dividing my time between Western Massachusetts and coastal Rhode Island – so grateful for the additional freedom the vaccine has given us. With a more predictable schedule this spring, I have opened up a few more coaching slots for one-on-one clients.

Vegan Life Coaching is for anyone who wants support in moving toward a Plant based or Vegan lifestyle or has a specific goal they want coaching on.

Some of my current clients are working on:
financial goals,
weight loss and health goals,
career goals,
relationship goals,
and new business goals.
Coaching has changed my life.
I would love the opportunity to show you how it can change yours.

Please consider reviewing the podcast on iTunes if you haven’t – it helps SO much!

Resolutions in a busy News Cycle?

January 7 – Having a tough time keeping on track with your goals, resolutions and and Plant based eating in this busy news cycle? Yes there’s a lot going on and our human brains may want to use anxiety, worry and negative thoughts as an excuse to eat off plan, overeat or ignore what we have decided to do this year. It’s natural AND it’s completely irrational, right? So if you are feeling wobbly right now and feel like your willpower is waning, there is NOTHING wrong with you. Totally natural. Just notice. Just breathe. You’ve got this. Feel free to message me.

Vedge Your Best Through the Holidays

2020 – What a long strange trip it’s been. Did you Vedge Your Best for the Holidays? It is never too late. You’re never behind. Right now or the next meal is the perfect time to add in some part of the rainbow of greens, beans, fruits, legumes, seeds and fungi! Yes fungi! Download the 2020 Year End Review to help decide how you want to travel into 2021!