Gordon Ramsay Vegan Ally?

I didn’t really enjoy UK’s TV chef Gordon Ramsay even before I stopped eating animals.   In fact, I take a tiny bit of unseemly satisfaction that

“Stuck” is a Symptom

Feeling stuck is one of those very normal vaguely unpleasant human feelings.  It’s not like “fear,”  “embarrassment, “ “shame,” “anger.”  For most of my clients,

Snoop, Halftime and Vegan Goals

We are halfway through the year and coming off Independence Day weekend here in the US.  Feeling behind as you enter the third Quarter of

Excuse Me

That is why I think moving towards a Vegan Practice is the most powerful change any woman can make in her life.
It requires becoming conscious of your choices on a daily basis in a culture that really wants you to give up and forget about it.

Happy Birthday to ME!

June 16 is my birthday and even though I do not really care about presents or cake on my birthday, I actually DO really love

June Greeting

When you have a podcast, you never know who’s listening. Getting periodic messages and emails from people I don’t know has been overwhelmingly positive even

Vegan Networking 

Did you know that there is a Vegan Network?   That’s how I learned about brilliant, charismatic Vegan Publisher and Book Consultant Mitali Deypurkaystha.  In