Failing or Fizzling

This week a colleague mentioned to me that her resolution to make a certain change in her business had not so much failed as fizzled out. What a terrific distinction. In my coaching practice I had decided to write and publish 25 blog posts in 30 days. The first week and a half went well.ThenContinue reading “Failing or Fizzling”

The Art of Friction

We have a new grandchild. I have recently shared with our daughter, a first time mom, the stories and thoughts I remember from that busy over-whelming and often nerve-wracking period when I often thought I wasn’t doing anything right. One strong memory I had was that babies, toddlers and kids are often very irritable beforeContinue reading “The Art of Friction”

Who Are You Voting For?

In Life Coaching we sometimes talk about the “Future Self.” The Future Self is the person that the Present You is continually creating either deliberately or unconsciously. Parents are typically quite concerned with the Future Selves of their children. We help them get medical attention and brush their teeth.We help them to read and workContinue reading “Who Are You Voting For?”

Privileged Thoughts

The last gift my mother gave me was the chance to imagine my end of days -my family watching me die and moving on without me.  In the last 90 days of her life, my mother went from independent materfamilias to a wisp on a bed. She was annoyed sometimes.  Scared often.  In pain mostContinue reading “Privileged Thoughts”

Ready to Come out of Hiding?

Remember in the Wizard of Oz when Glinda the Good Witch calls the citizens of Munchkinland out of hiding? “Come out, come out wherever you are!” Dorothy Gale’s house has fallen on the Wicked Witch of the East, killing her and freeing Munchkinland. Bit by bit Munchkin society steps forward to reassert their positions. TheContinue reading “Ready to Come out of Hiding?”

Let it Begin With Me

Reading Marcus Aurelius for the rest of your life would not be enough time to spend with the Philosopher Emperor.His Meditations are his journals, written to remind himself how he wanted to think, behave and lead. It was a daily occupation because, “your mind will take the shape of what you frequently hold in thought.” As weContinue reading “Let it Begin With Me”

What Are You Saying?

Some people are easy to talk to, right? Some conversations are helpful, entertaining, informative and others, upon reflection, seem to have been about a subject that was never mentioned.  Did you imagine it?     What is a difficult conversation?  Is it the topic?   No because we have also had the experience of discussing aContinue reading “What Are You Saying?”

False Friends

In my family I am known as a joke a perpetual student of a number of languages. The concept of faux amis or false friends is that even though there are one thousand or more French and English words that are virtually identical, there are some which seem to be cognates but are emphatically not. There is likewise a GreekContinue reading “False Friends”

“Grate” Expectations

My thoughts are that my husband and I are doing Pandemic isolating “correctly.”   When we leave the house (infrequently, in my view), I have a lot of thoughts about how others are doing things “incorrectly.”  My thoughts tell me that my loved ones are less safe because of the way others are behaving.  TheContinue reading ““Grate” Expectations”

Memorial Day Thoughts

Happy Memorial Day to the Americans – the traditional first week of summer here in the United States. We don’t need scientists to tell us when summer starts. If you’re old school it is now acceptable to break out the white sweat pants and pajama bottoms on Zoom calls.If you’re kind of a stickler for these things,Continue reading “Memorial Day Thoughts”