April Newsletter

We haven’t had a newsletter lately because
March. Was. Madness.

I was under the weather a bit with the Pfizer vaccine in March and then flew to Florida to completely clean the condo we haven’t been in all winter for a new tenant. While there, I managed to get something in my thumb which then turned into a full fledged infection requiring a hospital stay and IV antibiotics over Easter weekend.

But I did get a couple of Vegan meals out of South County Hospital in Wakefield RI! It took some patient (get it?) insistence – but well done Team South County!

My amazing Virtual Assistant, Nancy, who runs ProAdminME.com herself suffered a March skiing accident, so I muddled on without her by making a few videos here and there while she healed.

But April is off to the races with our very first Vedge Your Best interview and what an interview! Sid Garza Hillman was my guest this week and we are doing a giveaway of his brand new third book SixTruths: Live By These Truths and Be Happy, Don’t and You Won’t.

Next week’s podcast will be another interview with the delightful Stephanie Dreyer from BatchCookingClub.com. If you ever think that learning to cook Plant Based/ Vegan for a mixed family is too taxing, Stephanie has got you covered. You will hear lots more about that next week.

Right now I am dividing my time between Western Massachusetts and coastal Rhode Island – so grateful for the additional freedom the vaccine has given us. With a more predictable schedule this spring, I have opened up a few more coaching slots for one-on-one clients.

Vegan Life Coaching is for anyone who wants support in moving toward a Plant based or Vegan lifestyle or has a specific goal they want coaching on.

Some of my current clients are working on:
financial goals,
weight loss and health goals,
career goals,
relationship goals,
and new business goals.
Coaching has changed my life.
I would love the opportunity to show you how it can change yours.

Please consider reviewing the podcast on iTunes if you haven’t – it helps SO much!

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