Announcement! Announcement! (Newsletter name)

In advance of our 100th Vedge Your Best episode we have a new name for the weekly email.


Congratulations to the team over at @HowIVeganPodcast for suggesting it. Contest winner Matthew asked us to donate his prize to Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary in Northamptonshire England. Such a great cause – we rounded up from dollars to British pounds sterling.

I hope everyone will follow Matthew and give How I Vegan Podcast
a listen, subscribe and give them a five star review.

Did we get a lot of entries?

Am I worried about it?
Also, No.

I think it was a great suggestion and maybe I need to learn a few more things about contests on Instagram. 

We have such a supportive community of Vegan and Vegan friendly individuals and businesses on Instagram.  
So if you are looking for Vegan ideas, recipes products and inspiration, I very much suggest that you scroll through our Instagram feed.

This week’s V-Mail coincides with my 100th consecutive weekly episode recording of Vedge Your Best.
Can you believe it?
100 Episodes.
That’s a Victory for me and my small but mighty team, including audio producer Charlie Weinshank – famous for his “sound advice” and Nancy Greenwood Albertson who puts the VA in “InVAluable.”

Charlie and Nancy have been there since I got this crazy idea, to translate Life Coaching for a Vegan audience and to offer support to anyone who’s ready to eat more plants and set an impossible goal.

In August we will start building more VALUE into the weekly V-Mail – Vegan tips, ideas, links and news. I want to share with you all some of the Vegan artists, entrepreneurs and thought leaders who inspire me.

100 episodes in, this is still only the beginning – If you know anyone who would love to be Vegan or Plant Based but thinks they can’t, please feel free to share this email.

Ep 99: There’s No There There. There is no “There” there. When you get your goal, you are still you. When you miss your goal? You’re still you.
When you’re on your way? Still you. Wherever you go, there you are. What if you were proud of yourself and had your own back no matter where you are on your life’s journey. Then you could have a goal or try for something or attempt to build or create or change something knowing that it wasn’t to fix anything or prove anything about you? You just did it because you loved it. Thought it was a great idea. Wanted to see what would happen. What an exciting way to live.

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