Vedge Your Best

With Vegan Life Coach and Podcaster Michele Olender

There has never been a more important time to be vegan.

Ready to restart or recharge your vegan lifestyle?

I can help! 

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10 years ago, my thoughts about being Vegan mostly centered around what I would lose. It took practice to turn my thoughts gradually and then steadily towards what I would gain.

If I could go Vegan in my 50’s with all my excuses, I know you can start moving in that direction too. Vedge YOUR Best and there’s NOTHING you can’t do!

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“Stuck” is a Symptom

Feeling stuck is one of those very normal vaguely unpleasant human feelings.  It’s not like “fear,”  “embarrassment, “ “shame,” “anger.”  For most of my clients,

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Excuse Me

That is why I think moving towards a Vegan Practice is the most powerful change any woman can make in her life.
It requires becoming conscious of your choices on a daily basis in a culture that really wants you to give up and forget about it.

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