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It’s Half Time 2021!

What do you think?  Is the year Half Over?Or is it Half Started? From my point of view, 2021 is just getting going. I feel SO energized because a few projects that were in the planning stages during the last couple of months including our youngest daughter’s wedding are in the rear view mirror.  ThreeContinue reading “It’s Half Time 2021!”

90 Day Goal?

Hello Vedge Heads and Vedge Your Besties, Did you hear?I went public this week on Vedge Your Best Podcast #42 with a 90 day goal. Yes, I regretted saying it out loud almost instantly. But so far so good. In honor of my birthday, June 16, I set a Minimum Baseline to accomplish my goal.Continue reading “90 Day Goal?”

April Newsletter

We haven’t had a newsletter lately becauseMarch. Was. Madness. I was under the weather a bit with the Pfizer vaccine in March and then flew to Florida to completely clean the condo we haven’t been in all winter for a new tenant. While there, I managed to get something in my thumb which then turnedContinue reading “April Newsletter”

“Making compassionate and positive food choices is so much simpler when you start by being compassionate and positive with yourself.”

Michele Olender, Certified Life Coach


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