Compassion Begins With You

Making compassionate food choices is so much simpler when you start by being compassionate with yourself.

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Excuse Me

That is why I think moving towards a Vegan Practice is the most powerful change any woman can make in her life.
It requires becoming conscious of your choices on a daily basis in a culture that really wants you to give up and forget about it.

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June Greeting

When you have a podcast, you never know who’s listening. Getting periodic messages and emails from people I don’t know has been overwhelmingly positive even

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Vegan Doubts?

Your brain is NOT designed to go Vegan.It’s designed for SURVIVAL. That’s why it will ALWAYS focus on: What can go wrong? What might be

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March again?

March again?  On my computer I have saved the Limbourg Brothers’ monthly illustrations for the glorious Très Riches Heures de Duc de Berry. I know.  What

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