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Hope is Not a Strategy

Hope is a beautiful thing. I’m all for it. As a long time Pollyanna, I am not going to hurl any shade at Hope or Hopefulness.  But if you have a goal, Hope is not a strategy. Hope is not what moves you toward a Vegan or Whole Food Plant Based practice.  You know what does? Practice.NoContinue reading “Hope is Not a Strategy”

Quitting IS an Option

I have been tempted to quit most everything I have ever started, but the sore subject recently has been writing my book.   The process – the plan for the book seemed very manageable and straightforward and I was just letting it go the way it was going and then I took another look atContinue reading “Quitting IS an Option”

Ready for Re-entry?

We made it through Labor Day no thanks to Tropical Storm Henry and Hurricane Ida.  Hope you were spared any significant flooding or power interruptions where you are.   Vedge Your Best Podcast sound engineer Charlie Weinshank had some high water in the metropolitan New York area and here in coastal Rhode Island we hadContinue reading “Ready for Re-entry?”

“Making compassionate and positive food choices is so much simpler when you start by being compassionate and positive with yourself.”

Michele Olender, Certified Life Coach


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